Steel Alive

Smart Shooting Targets For Everyone


Have you ever thought about digitising your shooting? Measuring your speed and reflexes? 

All of that is now available on your smartphone with the Steel Alive Shooting System. A first person shooter game brought directly to your shooting range!

Compete against friends in 2-player games or try to top the Global Leaderboard, competing with players around the world!

Borrow one of our rifles or bring your own down to the Airsoft Anonymous target range and give it a go for yourself!


The Steel Alive system brings the shooting experience to the 21st-century. You no longer have to measure your skills and speed manually. The Smart Target Device is attached to a composite target plate for airsoft or steel plate for real steel, providing you drills and games with colour changing LEDs for instant visual feedback.

New games and drills are being released frequently by the Steel Alive team. This is a target system you will never tire of.  Here at Airsoft Anonymous we can testify to the addictive nature of this system. Both ourselves and customers are playing it daily, trying to top our last high score, improve our response time & practising those all important mag changes at speed!  

Working with Airsoft rifles/pistols, Airguns, Firearms and Paintball guns, with up to 100 yard range, the system fast becoming popular in many different shooting circles!

We've even tried it with Nerf guns - it works.


The Steel Alive system is available with either 3 or 5 targets and is scalable to 10 targets per Master Unit.  Custom-made systems are also available, with the number of Devices limited only by your budget.

The Smart Target Devices are shockproof, waterproof and have been rigorously tested in the Steel Alive 360-degree shooting range.  The 5 target system comes complete with a rugged case for transporting the system (case also available to buy separately).

Airsoft composite targets come complete with stands.  Other mounting options for attaching to other objects or mount with brackets are currently being developed.


Please note that the Steel Alive system is in high demand and is currently only available on a pre-order basis.  Lead time is currently 7-14 working days.