Acetech Bifrost Tracer Unit (The Rainbow Tracer)

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Here it is! The moment you've all been waiting for. The Acetech Bifrost "Rainbow" Tracer! 


Many colours of the rainbow make this beautiful little tracer unit an absolute sight for sore eyes on the field. Although, the bright lights may cause sore eyes... We warned you... 



Marching onto the map looking like a fresh unicorn out the womb, full of life, joy and sparkles, you'll be the envy of other players. Both friendly and opposing alike. I mean, who wouldn't want to be hit by what's essentially a rainbow slap. Who would be mad taking their hits from that? We wouldn't. We'd be giggling back to respawn with a hint of envy and we'd be straight into Airsoft Anonymous' site. 


 So alongside the absolute madness that oozes out the end of this thing, it sends green tracers down the range like a blaster from Star Wars. But unlike Stormtroopers, you'll actually be able to hit things. It does Red ones too, but unfortunately not that great. BUT another silver lining is that standard white BBs look fantastic too, allowing the full reflection of the RGB LEDs. Giving a full rainbow effect for its surroundings. 




Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink or Purple. You can select individual colours or ALL OF THEM.


  • 30mm diameter
  • 81mm length
  • Features a Type-C USB charge port (Android Master Race) and comes with a small Type-C USB cable too, in case you're having to deal with iPhones (sorry about that) this means that if you've forgotten to charge it before a game, take a powerbank or plug it in the car on the way there, job done! No more stopping at Tesco for spare batteries anymore.
  • Charge lasts for several thousand rounds (depending on rate of fire and usage)
  • M14 CCW thread (M11 CW pistol thread adapter supplied)

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