Brut Sniper Gas
Brut Sniper Gas

Brut Sniper Gas


Available to purchase in store only


Abbey Sniper Gas is our specialist gas designed specifically for use in sniper rifles and DMRs. It’s Abbeys' highest-pressure gas, just like the discontinued Vertex Gas, so it’s perfect for producing high and consistent FPS.


However, this Sniper Gas Contains no lubricant, so there’s no chance for the lubricant to affect accuracy. Sniper gas comes in 700ml gas bottles for plenty of refills and features a metal fill nozzle for additional strength.


No Lubricant

Abbey Sniper Gas has absolutely no lubricant in it. Whilst the lubricants in the gases are designed not to make their way into your hop-up, there’s always a chance, and that can affect accuracy. Brut sniper gas is completely dry, therefore there’s absolutely no chance of lubricant getting into your hop-up and affecting accuracy and range.


Because of this, we recommend you service your magazines regularly, or store them using Abbey Maintenance Gas.


High Pressure

Sniper Gas is one of the highest-pressure gases we produce, up there with Vertex Gas. It’s formulated to maintain FPS even at the lower temperatures that more airsoft gases struggle with. The high pressure means that the gas is stable for longer, your follow up shots are consistent FPS and accurate.


Resistant to Cool Down

The higher pressure means that the gas is less susceptible to the cool down affect and colder temperatures. Your FPS remains stable even in the cooler temperatures where other gases would struggle.