Deadly Customs Sabre mount (Light Bar)

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Deadly Customs Sabre mount (light bar)

Running suppressors and torches together is very common especially for night and low light games. This combination isn’t without its downfalls though. Our Sabre mount has been designed to remove the issues.

Let’s start by addressing the issues caused.

Unless your torch is mounted past your rail and suppressor; your torch will cast a shadow and create an area of darkness called suppressor shadow. Suppressor shadow is often a long, large oblong shadow which is obscuring a vast amount of your light. The suppressor shadow will mean you don’t have full operational awareness.

Another by-product of suppressor shadow is light splash. Your torch will project light down your suppressor. This dramatically increases your light signature when seen from the side and gives away your position.

Our Sabre mount has been designed to push your torch forward to remove suppressor shadow and the unwanted light splash.

They have been designed to work with Surefire scout lights, Nurpol clones, Moflite, Streamlight rifle lights, Olight Odin, Olight Odin mini and Olight Odin Turbo.

Our Sabre mount is set up to work with M-Lok rails. Its CNC machined finish is anodised in our signature matte black and comes with the M-Lok nuts and bolts along with the required bolts to attach your torch to the mount.


Works with different length hand guards

Works with different torches

CNC machined from Aircraft grade aluminium

Comes with required mounting hardware

Removes suppressor shadow

Removes light splash

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