Delta Armory Defender Shield Tactical Torch

Sale price£40.00


High-end torch from Delta Armory, designed for mounting on both short and long guns, using a mounting ring and pressure switch - both components are included. Thanks to the 500 lumens LED Cree, its range is up to 150m. Thanks to the solid construction of aviation aluminium, it is resistant to falling from 2m and waterproof - grade IPX4. The lamp can also be used alone, without a weapon, as you will also find a standard gel trigger in the package.


The torch is powered by a strong Li-On 2400mAh 3.7V battery, which is included in the package.


The lamp has only one mode. There are no unnecessary modes for airsoft combat that would betray you during the fight. The soft pressure switch can only be lit for a few seconds exactly as you need it.


Strong diode with so-called fixed focus so that the light beam goes exactly where you need to light for shooting and so that you do not illuminate the whole forest but exactly what you need.


The package contains a pressure switch on which there is a VELCRO Velcro and there is also a second piece of VELCRO Velcro in the package, which you can easily stick to the weapon.

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