Delta Armory SA VZ.58 CSA Wood DA-VZ58-STOCK-O

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The Vz.58 SMG AEG licensed by CSA – Czech Small Arms sro and produced by ARES is a very authentic replica of the Samopal Vzor 58 submachine gun.


The CSA Vz.58 SMG was manufactured on the basis of original version drawings with original markings, which guarantee the AEG’s high level of authenticity.


The front handguard on this model is a wood kit from a real steel Vz.58. As with the original, the handle and shaft are made of high-tech polymer and make the SMG extremely light and robust at the same time.


As with the original, the repeating lever can be locked backwards. This also gives access to the new ARES hop-up chamber in the cartridge ejection window. This can easily be adjusted by hand.


The VZ.58M AEG also offer the option of changing the spring quickly without having to open the gearbox.


Furthermore, the ARES EFCS (Electronic Firing Control System) is installed, which means that the energy requirement and the wear and tear of the electronics are kept to a minimum. A MOSFET is also integrated as standard in this system.


In addition to the increased service life of the electronics, EFCS also offers the option of using powerful batteries (3S 11.1V LiPo). The fire mode can be freely programmed with a separately available programming card, which also enables the popular 3-round burst .


The reinforced and modified V2 gearbox with high torque motor offers 8 mm ball bearings and the possibility to relax the main spring after the action-packed game day and thus ensure longevity.


The set includes:

  • Delta Armory Ares CSA Middle Vz.58 EFCS SMG AEG
  • Sheet steel magazine 160 BBs
  • Cleaning rod
  • Manual



Material: metal + polymer + steel
Weight: 3,950 g
Length: 650/860 mm inner barrel length: 385
Fire modes: adjustable – Safe / Semi Auto / Full Auto / 3 Burst

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