Dynatex 6209 Multi Shot Impact Grenade by Dynatex

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The new Dynatex 6209 multishot blank firing grenade is going to chance the face of airsoft forever. There have been other multishot grenades on the market before, but combine the six shots from this single chamber with the reliability and quality of Dynatex and you are into a winning combo.


The devices chamber holds six .209 primers and can be manually rotated to chamber the next blank - No need to reload out in the field and take the unit apart - twist and go! By unscrewing the base ring (one and a half turns) pulling down the chamber, rotating it the grenade is then ready to fire again.


Dynatex is the original and arguably, the best manufacturer of blank firing and training impact grenades on the market for not only airsoft and paintball but for the police and law enforcement. This new release is sure to change training and airsoft massively for the better. The quality and performance of the Dynatex BFGs are like no other, never have a failed shot again with the 6209 impact grenades. In the video above, we tested from various heights and found the grenade still successfully went off whilst being dropped at only 40cm of the hard surface.


This is a full metal training grenade and is based on the same size and weight as the NICO police training grenades used by law enforcement and military units around the world. Dynatex has now switched entirely to just .209 primers now for their airsoft BFG due to length testing at the proofing house from 9mm blanks and 12g blanks.


The entire mechanism design is patented by Dynatex (patent no. EP06251303.1) and on the 6209 it moves very freely and smoothly to allow detonation from nearly every angle without the need of a bulky, ugly weight being added to the top of the bobble head. We know some players run their BFGs without pins in their pouches, but we highly recommend keeping the pin secured until you’re ready to throw it for the safety of you and others around you.


What’s in the box?

Dynatex 6209 blank firing grenade

Bearing secured pin

550 lanyard cord

Instruction Manual

Six shot .209 primer chamber ring

Silver knurled securing ring


The pin included with the Dynatex 6209 impact grenade uses captured bearing secure system so there is very little chance of the pin itself coming loose. The pin is easy to remove when you pull it, with only a little resistance from, making room clearing a lot easier. Attached to the pin already is a small green para cord which you can attach anywhere on your kit allowing that extra security and stopping you from losing this high-quality.


If you have had airsoft BFGs before then you know how tiresome or annoying it is to carry the extra weight after being collected and if you run six at a time on your kit that can add up to a lot of weight and space taken up. With this unit, it’ll be a mere fraction of the weight and only take up one pouch space leaving you extra room for carrying other tactical gear.


Full metal construction

Up to six .209 primers

Rotating chamber

High quality bearing pin

Small lanyard

Easy to use

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