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Dynatex The Original blank firing timed grenade - Airsoft Anonymous
Dynatex The Original blank firing timed grenade - Airsoft Anonymous
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Dynatex 'The Original' blank firing timed grenade


The Dynatex 'Original' blank firing grenade is their original design, but with several material improvements. It allows you to use .209 primers .


Features: - The sturdy plastic outer shell - Robust metal internals

- Loading tool and blank tops included

- Easy to reload The loading tool included with this grenade is designed to make loading easy as possible without damaging the firing pin. If you lose the tool, do not attempt to use a screwdriver or similar tool or it will cause damage to the firing pin.


The grenade has a robust plastic outer shell which gives it a much lighter weight compared to other BFGs on the market, meaning it's easier to throw and safer when bowling it towards other players, however, it will still hurt, so don't throw it directly at people. To load it, remove the top that holds the blank, plunge the pin down with the included tool until the spoon pops out and drops back to normal, whilst plunged, insert the grenade in through the holes and under the spoon and then you can release the loading tool. Wait at least 5 seconds before loading the blank just in case it was loaded incorrectly. Once safe, place your desired blank in the metal top and screw into place. Once the pin is pulled throw, bowl or drop immediately as you only have 5 seconds until it goes off. The customer service from Dynatex is fantastic, should you ever have an issue with any of the products you can send it back to them and any component can be repaired or replaced fairly quickly.

Dimensions: 55mm Diameter x 110mm High