GK Tactical G17 Kydex Holster Set - Black

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The GK Tactical G17 Kydex Holster Set is a Heavy Use, modular Kydex Holster with the addition of their RTI (Rapid Transition Interface) mounting plate. It features a fold/wrap design with Adjustable Pro-Safe Tensioning. Setting the standard for what a Kydex holster should be: a safe, functional, superior fit holster that won't break the bank.

Adding to the modularity of this already versatile holster, it is also the lowest profile and quickest Transitional mounting system on the market. One holster, multiple locations, quick transitions, and unparalleled precision makes this setup extremely popular.

This Paddle Adaptor is excellent for carrying the holster and will sit comfortable on the inside of a belt.

The Kydex mount belt-slide fits belts 1.5" and is completely ambidextrous. It carries the weapon in a on the belt level. Perfect for use in areas where you are frequently putting on and removing a jacket, or you want your gun lower and out of the way of armor or chest rigs and you don't want to use a leg rig.

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