Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 4.3 Tactical

Sale price£145.00


  • 4.3-inch slide: Serrations are added towards the front and rear of the slide to facilitate quick loading of the first shot. The gloved hand will always have traction and you can pull the slide firmly.
  • Rail integrated chassis: A full dust cover chassis that prevents the ingress of sand and dust is equipped with an underrail with a width of 20 mm, and a flashlight etc. can be installed.
  • Lean style: Minimal and effective parts in a compact body, such as a double hole ring hammer that does not get caught in clothes and equipment, a tactical single thumb safety installed on only one side, a short tail grip grip safety, etc. doing.
  • Tactical rear sight: The firmly fixed rear sight is shock resistant and can withstand even intense game content.
  • Lanyard link: The lanyard link installed on the housing at the rear of the grip can be connected to a lanyard that prevents it from being lost or dropped.
  • Powerful blowback: This is a model that realistically reproduces the power of appearance and the intense reaction at the time of launch, with the slide retreating vigorously at the time of launch.
  • 28 round capacity magazine included

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