OMFG Multi Shot Blank Firing Grenade by Ohshiboom

Colour: Red
Sale price£90.00


The OMFG BFG From Ohshiboom

Impact BFG
Uses 209 Primers
Available in 5 colours


We are happy to provide you with the new OMFG Multi-shot Blank Firing Grenade from Ohshiboom. This BFG has a 7 shot capacity using 209 primers. A blank firing grenade is perfect for CQB environments, the twist to re arm style base allows for ease of use when you need to keep moving through rooms or buildings. Made of the first materials and manufactured in the UK by Ohshiboom the OMFG Multi-shot complements Ohshibooms single shot grenade, one of the longest serving grenades on the market having been on the go since 2013!

This BFG is an impact version, when hitting an object with the necessary force the bfg will go off immediately. The surfaces it will go off on takes many factors into account, the form of the throw, the hardness of the object it hits, in testing we found the OMFG BFG will go off on most surfaces when dropped from a height of 40cm’s. The OMFG Multi-shot bfg has 8 locations the chamber can be sat in, 7 of these being live rounds, the 8th is the safety position.

An Airsoft BFG is a reusable grenade unlike the friction pyrotechnics you see on sites such as smoke grenades and flash bangs. BFG’s are a much better value for money. Pyrotechnic prices are rocketing up across the country with the £3 flash bang now being anything up to £6 whereas a reusable Airsoft Blank firing grenade can cost as little as 5p per throw. 

Timed Versions are also available.

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