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Oper8 Dynamic 1/2 point sling (OD) - Airsoft Anonymous
Oper8 Dynamic 1/2 point sling (OD) - Airsoft Anonymous
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Oper8 Dynamic 1/2 point sling (OD)

The Dynamic 1/2 point sling from Oper8 takes the choice out of what sling you should be using for your different weapon systems. The innovative hardware built into the sling enables you to use the sling in both 1 and 2 point configuration. The sling is constructed from heavy-duty, Military-grade Cordura.

In one point the slings second clip is returned back on to the sling and clipped in place. The gives the user a one point configuration with the added bonus of being able to quickly unclip if you needed to detach the weapon system from your body - Alternatively, you could use the Dynamic sling in a more traditional two-point configuration with mounting points at the front and rear of your RIF. Whilst in this configuration the quick adjustment loop enables the user to slacken off the sling or synch the weapon system in close to their body for manual handling, climbing or entering a vehicle.