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Oper8 Rail Sling Mount Plate Adaptor- Black - Airsoft Anonymous
Oper8 Rail Sling Mount Plate Adaptor- Black - Airsoft Anonymous
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Oper8 20mm rail sling point (Black)

Easily attach your sling to any rifle with a 20mm rail by using this sling point adapter. Simply attach it to the front of your rifle to use a two (or three) point sling assuming you have a rear sling point available.

- Made from aluminium making the fitting strong and lightweight
- Colour: Black
- Size: L5cm x W2.5cm x H1.3cm
- Mounts onto any 20mm rail

This 20mm sling mount provides a front mounting bracket for the MS2, MS3 or any other clip-on slings. The mounts themselves only sit 13mm high, so it doesn't interfere or get in the way of your sights or scopes.

The low profile means it can sit comfortably either on the side or top rail (although we do recommend the top rail).  The 20mm mount means it can be attached on the left or right of the rifle giving you a mounting option for both left and right-handed shooters. The attachment is constructed from aluminium, making it light and strong giving. These are recommended for support weapon systems like MK46, M249 or M60 where the standard sling loops are very small and won't fit most common slings.