PTS Masada GBBR Dark Earth
PTS Masada GBBR Dark EarthPTS Masada GBBR Dark EarthPTS Masada GBBR Dark Earth

PTS Masada GBBR Dark Earth


The Bushmaster ACR ( Adaptive Combat Rifle ) is an American assault rifle developed by Magpul Industries and produced by Bushmaster (for the civilian market) and Remington (for the government market).


The very successful replica of the Masada ACR (Adaptive Combat Rifle) by PTS Syndicate in the Gas Blow Back (GBB) version is like the original made of sturdy nylon fiber and metal.


Made of high-quality polymer, for example, the lower body, the foldable and longitudinally adjustable butt stock, the handguard and the magazine type EPMG.


The upper part of the body as well as the outer barrel and Flashhider are made of high quality metal and aluminium.


The replica is also suitable for left-handers, since virtually all manipulators and levers (eg bolt catch) can be used in a double-sided system.

The foldable shaft is extendable in 7 positions . The Masada consists of 5 basic elements. These are all connected to pins, thanks to which the complete dismantling of the ACR takes only a few seconds.


Shot mode (automatic and single shot) and fuse are adjusted via the fire selector lever. The very accurate Hop Up is easy to adjust by hand.


A strong blow-back system in combination with a functioning bolt-catch, which locks the shutter in the rear position in case of an empty magazine, ensures a realistic use of the GBBR.


The included PTS EPMG Greengas magazine holds 38 BBs .


The set includes:

  • PTS Masada ACR GBBR
  • PTS EPMG GBB Magazine
  • Speedloader
  • Operation manual