Tokyo Marui AK74MN
Tokyo Marui AK74MNTokyo Marui AK74MNTokyo Marui AK74MNTokyo Marui AK74MNTokyo Marui AK74MNTokyo Marui AK74MN

Tokyo Marui AK74MN


Production of the first next-generation electric gun "AK74MN", which has been discontinued, will be resumed!
It is a model that reproduces the AK74MN made during the transient period leading up to the AK100 series, such as a resin hand guard and folding stock, a body that unified the whole body in black, a side mount base for attaching an optical site.

  • Shoot & recoil engine installed: By pulling the trigger, the bolt operates at the same time as firing, and the intense recoil generated inside the main body is transmitted to the whole body.
  • Metal parts adopted: Die casting and press steel are used for parts of each part including the lower receiver, producing a solid feeling that feels heavy and a feeling of weight when holding it, and high rigidity is also realized.
  • Equipped with a side mount base: By mounting a side lock mount rail (sold separately) on the side mount base on the side of the body, it becomes possible to mount an optical sight.
  • Adjustable front/rear sight: The front sight can be adjusted up/down/left/right with a special adjustment tool. In addition, the rear sight can lift the plate-shaped sight body by simply changing the position of the slide bar, and can adjust the impact up and down.
  • Compatible with various muzzle options: By removing the muzzle brake on the muzzle, you can install a muzzle option with a 14 mm reverse screw specification such as a silencer.
  • Includes polymer magazine: 74 round capacity

Built-in shoot & recoil engine

Variable hop-up system installed

Full auto (continuous)/semi-auto (single) switchable

full length 700 mm / 943 mm (when stock is deployed)
Gun height 460 mm
weight 3,040 g (including empty magazine)
bullet 6mm BB (0.2 to 0.28g)
Power source 8.4V NiMH 1300mAh mini S battery (*1)
Number of shots 74 shots
Type name AK74MN
type Assault rifle