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Tokyo Marui Bodyguard 380 NBB Pistol - Airsoft Anonymous
Tokyo Marui Bodyguard 380 NBB Pistol - Airsoft Anonymous
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Tokyo Marui Bodygaurd 380 Nbb Pistol

The Tokyo Marui Bodygaurd 380 is Marui’s latest edition to its small concealable pistols. Do not let the lower price or size fool you. The Bodygaurd 380 has surprising range and accuracy. The Non blow back pistol comes with a hop-up system and its size and given its NBB capacity it is perfect for the times you need to be silent making it a perfect Sniper side arm. The magazine has a 10 round capacity

Tokyo Marui have also released a matching internal waist band holster which has the capacity to hold na extra magazine, as well as a 66mm barrel or an 80.5mm barrel with suppressor adapter.

Compared to Tokyo Marui’s other concealed carry pistols; Glock 26 and V10 ultra compact the Tokyo Marui Bodygaurd 380 Nbb is by far more suited to the job, from its quietness, to its size it is everything a concealed carry or sniper back up pistol should be. One of the hardest parts about most pistols that are not a standard form such as a Glock or a Hi-Capa is finding a suitable holster, Tokyo Marui have fixed this by bringing out the matching holster. However much like a derringer, this pistol fits inside stocks of certain sniper rifles.