Tokyo Marui CQBR Block 1 GBB

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The CQBR is a 10.3 inch short barrel with the upper receiver exchanged for each barrel in order to support the close combat (CQB = close quarter battle) in a small room etc. Of the CQBRs that are roughly divided into three versions, the model called "Block 1" is available in the gas blowback machine gun line-up!

By implementing a new mechanism such as the Z system developed for the M4A1 MWS, both durability and operating performance are realized while pursuing the reality of shape and texture. In addition, it is a single tool that is easy to handle even in a narrow space with enhanced expandability for optional parts.


  • Achieve a strong blowback: Equipped with a blowback engine that uses a large piston with a diameter of about 19 mm. The bolt also works in conjunction with the launch, and you can enjoy the strongest recoil shock ever.
  • Achieves high durability: New mechanism Z-system to prevent wear and damage of bolt catch, piston absorb and friction relief bolt roller to reduce the burden on internal parts due to bolt operation, and to prevent loosening due to recoil and always The barrel clamp mechanism that brings out the centre of the barrel has improved durability against a strong recoil shock.
  • Realistic movable gimmick: Faithfully reproduces the same function as the real thing, such as loading the first bullet by operating the charging handle, bolt catch operation after bolt opening and magazine change, and crane type stock that can adjust the length in 6 stages I am. In addition, field stripping (normal disassembly for maintenance) can be performed in a form close to the real one.
  • Equipped with metal RAS: Equipped with RAS (rail adaptor system) with mount rails arranged on the four sides of the hand guard, top, bottom, left and right. Various optional parts compatible with the Picatinny standard (20 mm width) can be installed, including the standard KAC type vertical fore grip. The heat shield inside the RAS is also reproduced.
  • Mil-Spec Paint Cerakote: The upper/lower frame and bolts are made of Cerakote, which has a strong coating film and excellent abrasion resistance. You can enjoy the texture just like the real thing.
  • Adjustable front/rear sight: The front and bottom of the front sight can be adjusted with the included adjustment tool. In addition, the LMT type rear sight can be finely adjusted by operating the dial vertically and horizontally.
  • Compatible with various muzzle options: If you remove the muzzle compensator, you can install a muzzle option with 14mm CCW thread such as a silencer.
  • Aluminium die-cast magazine: 35 round capacity, the aluminium die-cast magazine reproduces the "real magazine weight full of bullets".


Variable hop-up system installed
Full auto (continuous)/semi-auto (single) switchable


full length 698 mm / 780 mm (at maximum stock extension)
Gun height 250 mm
weight 3,110 g (with an empty magazine)
bullet 6mm BB (0.2-0.25g)
Power source Dedicated gas (*1)
Number of shots 35 + 1 shot (1 shot when loaded in the body)
Type name CQBR Block1
type Assault rifle


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