Tokyo Marui FNX-45 Tactical Black

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The FNP-45 tactical was developed with the aim of becoming an American army side arm instead of the M9. A black model of the improved model "FNX-45 Tactical" is now available!
A model with enhanced reproducibility of the details and functions unique to this model, such as high expandability corresponding to various optional parts, ambi type levers, replaceable back straps, pursuit of reality by measuring the real thing etc. Has become.

  • Compatible with optional Micro Pro Sight: The slide is designed exclusively for mounting the Micro Pro Site (sold separately). By removing the cover at the rear of the slide, you can directly attach the micro pro sight. In addition, the front/rear sight is a tall type night sight specification, so it is possible to sighting through the micro pro site.
  • Compatible with optional tactical silencer: By removing the muzzle protector at the muzzle, a "tactical silencer (sold separately)" can be installed. The outer barrel made of metal is used in order to have sufficient durability to install the silencer.
  • Newly designed oval piston adopted: A special oval piston that enables mounting of micro pro sight at a low position is adopted. You can enjoy a powerful recoil shock even when various optional parts are attached.
  • Safety & Decocking System: By operating the safety lever, it is possible to lock the hammer when the hammer is full cock (ready to fire), and it is also possible to return from full cock to half cock to prevent accidental accidents such as falling. The safety lever is an ambidextrous type that can be operated from either the left or right.
  • Ambidextrous  type slide stop and magazine catch: You can operate from either left or right, you can choose your dominant arm.
  • Grip back strap included: 2 types x 2 size (S/M) back straps are included. You can adjust the grip comfort according to the size of your hand.
  • Equipped with underrail: The underrail integrated with the frame can be equipped with a flashlight compatible with the Picatinny standard (20 mm width).
  • Die-cast magazine: 29 magazines and a die-cast magazine that is resistant to cold.


Variable hop-up system installed

Decocking system installed

Semi-auto (single shot) launch only

full length 220 mm
Gun height 113 mm
weight 830 g (with an empty magazine)
bullet 6mm BB (0.2-0.25g)
Power source Dedicated gas (*1)
Number of shots 29 + 1 shot (1 shot when loaded in the body)
Type name FNX-45 Tactical Black
type Hand gun (automatic)

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