Tokyo Marui High Capa 5.1 Gold Match

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"Major features"

  • Lighter slides/frames: Each slide and frame is carefully cut (thinning out) to improve operation and operation speed.
  • Concentrating acrylic front sight: The front sight has a built-in acrylic tube that collects and shines natural light. It has high visibility and it is easy to aim as if you are looking into a dot site.
  • Long slide stop: The slide stop that releases the slide open state is a long type that can be operated with one hand.
  • Gold Accents: Outer barrel, hammer, thumb safety, trigger and grip screw are all in dignified gold. The contrast with the black body stands out.
  • Powerful blowback: This is a model that realistically reproduces the appearance power and the intense recoil at the time of launch, as the slide vigorously retracts at the time of launch.
  • Metal notch/spacer: The metal parts inside the slide receive the load when the slide is opened, and prevent the slide stop and notch from being scraped or damaged.
  • Die-cast magazine for 5.1: 31 bullets, comes with a die-cast magazine resistant to cold.


■Variable hop-up system installed
■Semi-automatic (single shot) launch only

full length 222 mm
Gun height 112 mm
weight 850 g (with an empty magazine)
bullet 6mm BB (0.2-0.25g)
Power source Dedicated gas (*1)
Number of shots 31 + 1 shot (1 shot when loaded in the body)
Type name Hi-CAPA5.1 GOLD MATCH
type Hand gun (automatic)


Package contents:
High-capacity 5.1 Gold match body, magazine (31 bullets), protective cap, handling precautions/instruction, supplementary instruction, cleaning rod, BB bullets (0.2g/100 shots)

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