Tokyo Marui 416 Delta Custom NGRS - Black

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The HK416 Delta Custom is an assault rifle designed and manufactured by Heckler & Koch and customised by Delta Force.  It's design is based on the AR-15, specifically the Colt M4 Carbine family.


The HK416 Delta Custom is widely used by a number of armed forces, special forces and police forces.


Tokyo Marui 416 Delta Custom Next Gen Features:


  • Next Generation Recoil Shock Series 
  • 290 FPS (Can be upgraded)
  • Full Metal Body
  • Safe, Semi-Automatic, Fully Automatic*
  • 82rnd Magazine Included
  • Auto-Stop When Magazine is Empty
  • Functioning Bolt Catch
  • Weighs in at 3.2kg
  • 72cm/82cm Stock Retracted/Stock Extended
  • 14mm CCW Threaded
  • 20mm Rail System
  • TM SOPMOD Battery - We recommend Lipo modification

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