Tokyo Marui M&P9L PC Ported

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Based on a 5 inch barrel long slide version of S&W's M&P 9, the company's custom department = performance centre custom model lineup!
Specifications unique to this model, such as ports opened on slides and barrels, tall front/rear sights, newly designed Palm swell and magazine bumper, and a base on which the separately sold Micro Pro sight can be installed at the rear of the slide Is reproduced.

  • Ported barrel/slide: Reproduce the barrel and slide with ports to reduce muzzle splash. There are 2 ports on the plated outer barrel and 8 ports on the slide.
  • Compatible with optional Micro Pro Site: The slide is designed exclusively for mounting Micro Pro Sight (sold separately). You can remove the cover at the rear of the slide and attach Micro Pro sight with the mounting plate provided. In addition, the front/rear site of the tall type can be sighted through the micro pro site.
  • Trigger stop: When pulling the trigger, reproduce the trigger stop that stops the trigger at the point where the firing mechanism operates (*). By eliminating the extra pulling allowance, it is possible to operate the trigger without waste and suppress the blurring of the muzzle. *The trigger stop cannot be adjusted.
  • Ambi-type slide stop and thumb safety: Can be operated from either the left or right, regardless of dominant hand.
  • New design palm swell included: Performance centre type palm swell comes with 3 types of S/M/L. You can adjust the size of the palm swell (bulge) at the rear of the grip.
  • Two safety: Equipped with two safety devices: trigger safety and thumb safety. Prevents accidental operation and accidental drops.
  • Frame-integrated underrail: A flashlight compatible with the Picatinny standard (20 mm width) can be attached to the underrail. A serial No. plate with a laser-engraved two-dimensional code is embedded in the frame.
  • Die-cast magazine: A cold-resistant die-cast magazine with a 25 round capacity and a performance centre type magazine bumper. A spare magazine bumper is also included.



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