Tokyo Marui M92F Military
Tokyo Marui M92F MilitaryTokyo Marui M92F MilitaryTokyo Marui M92F MilitaryTokyo Marui M92F MilitaryTokyo Marui M92F MilitaryTokyo Marui M92F Military

Tokyo Marui M92F Military


The M92F has continued to play an active role as a handgun adopted by the US military for many years and is extremely popular in Japan. At Tokyo Marui, the features of the M92F are faithfully reproduced, including double/single action operation, ambi-type safety that allows you to choose your dominant hand, and magazine catches that can be swapped left and right. The lineup is a gas blowback model with no compromises in terms of price, performance, and realism.

  • Realistic form: The beautiful form by Italy's Beretta is reproduced in detail by measuring from a real gun.
  • Reproduce the same operation as the real thing: You can enjoy two types of firing methods: single action that raises the hammer manually and fires, double action that raises the hammer just by pulling the trigger and fires.
  • Ambidextrous Safety: The safety installed on both sides of the slide can be locked with the hammer raised. A quick launch is possible after releasing the safety.
  • Powerful blowback: This is a model that realistically reproduces the power of appearance and the intense reaction at the time of launch, with the slide retreating vigorously at the time of launch.
  • Die-cast magazine: A magazine made of die-cast, which has 26 bullets and is resistant to cold.

Hop-up system installed

Semi-automatic (single shot) 

full length 216 mm
Gun height 106 mm
weight 740 g (with an empty magazine)
bullet 6mm BB (0.2g)
Power source Dedicated gas (*1)
Number of shots 26 + 1 shot (1 shot when loaded in the body)
Type name M92F Military Model
type Hand gun (automatic)