Tokyo Marui MP5 NGRS Recoil + Mid Cap Mag 72Rd
Tokyo Marui MP5 NGRS Recoil + Mid Cap Mag 72RdTokyo Marui MP5 NGRS Recoil + Mid Cap Mag 72Rd

Tokyo Marui MP5 NGRS Recoil + Mid Cap Mag 72Rd

Equipped with shoot & recoil engine
By pulling the trigger, a weight of about 300g that imitates a bolt operates at the same time as firing, and the strong recoil generated inside the main body is transmitted to the whole body. In addition, it is equipped with an auto stop system that stops firing when the magazine is empty, and a bolt release mechanism that releases the auto stop by pulling the bolt handle. It is a model that pursues the reality of operation and operability.

Reproduce 3 bursts
In addition to semi / fully automatic firing, 3 burst firing that fires 3 shots when the trigger is pulled is completely reproduced. The selector, which can be operated from either the left or right, is linked by the axis that penetrates the mechanical box, realizing smooth rotation and a firm click feeling.

Equipped with FET
Equipped with FET (electronic switch) instead of the conventional mechanical switch. Compared to mechanical switches, the current loss generated at the contacts is reduced, and the response from pulling the trigger to firing a BB bullet is improved.

Newly developed “M-SYSTEM” in which a microcomputer (MCU = microcontroller unit) comprehensively monitors and controls FETs, FC (Fire Control), batteries, and motors. It not only monitors information from 7 sensors and various voltages to switch the shooting mode and control the rotation of the motor, but also has safety such as detecting damage or abnormality in each place and stopping the operation. It is a system.

Pursuing appearance reproducibility
Many metal parts such as the upper receiver are coated with powder that has a texture close to the real thing. In addition, the hand guard, lower receiver, butt plate, selector, and cocking lever are molded with reinforced nylon resin that is close to the real material.

Increased rigidity in various places
By reviewing the parts composition of the cocking handle and adopting reinforced nylon resin, it is possible to hit the locked cocking lever back, commonly known as “HK slap”. In addition, the sliding retractable stock has a new structure, improving realism and rigidity.

Adjustable rear sight
For the drum type rear sight, you can adjust the top and bottom of the landing with the attached rear sight adjust tool and the left and right of the landing with a Phillips screwdriver (*). * Phillips screwdriver is not included. Please prepare separately.

Realistic press-finished magazine
72 bullets. Comes with a magazine that uses a steel press outer case with the seams welded all around like the real thing. * Magazine compatibility is not compatible with other series of MP5 models such as the electric gun standard type.
Length: 500-660mm
Weight: 3.1000 kg
Magazine Capacity: 72
Muzzle Velocity: ~280 fps
Powered by: Battery
System: Next Gen AEG
Major Colour: Black
Bullet Type: 6mm BB