Tokyo Marui SIG P226 E2
Tokyo Marui SIG P226 E2Tokyo Marui SIG P226 E2Tokyo Marui SIG P226 E2Tokyo Marui SIG P226 E2Tokyo Marui SIG P226 E2Tokyo Marui SIG P226 E2

Tokyo Marui SIG P226 E2

  • "E2" stamped slide: The white stamp of "E2" is one of the features of this model. Different surface treatments are applied to the slide and frame to express the difference in texture.
  • Ergonomics Polymer Grip: Reproduce the ergonomically redesigned grip. Even if your hand is small, it is easy to grip, and the texture of the surface (smoothness) exerts an anti-slip effect against sweat and mud.
  • Short type trigger: When firing continuously, the distance (trigger stroke) to return the pulled trigger is about 40% of the normal, so it is very easy to fire continuously.
  • SA&DA Hammer Mechanism: Supports both single action that fires after cocking the hammer and double action that you can fire by just pulling the trigger.
  • Decocking system: By lowering the decoking lever, the hammer can be returned from full cock (ready to fire) to half cock (not ready to fire).
  • Powerful blowback: This is a model that realistically reproduces the power of appearance and the intense reaction at the time of launch, with the slide retreating vigorously at the time of launch.
  • Die-cast magazine: 25 round capacity

Variable hop-up system installed
Decocking system installed
Semi-auto (single shot)

full length 196 mm
Gun height 97 mm
weight 741 g (with an empty magazine)
bullet 6mm BB (0.2-0.25g)
Power source Dedicated gas (*1)
Number of shots 25 + 1 (one shot when loaded in the body)
Type name SIG SAUER P226 E2
type Hand gun (automatic)