Tokyo Marui Recce Rifle NGRS

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Under the official approval of Daniel Defence, which has abundant experience in formulating the US military, the Recce Rifle equipped with a 10-inch/light rail is a lineup of next-generation electric guns. The rail completely reproduced by CNC cutting is a full-scale specification with laser numbering and engraving.
Also, the length of the barrel can be switched to 12 inches and 16 inches without disassembling. You can change the style depending on the situation.
It is a highly satisfying model that realistically reproduces the characteristics of the receiving rifle and Miryuk.

  • Shoot & recoil engine installed: By pulling the trigger, the bolt operates at the same time as firing, and the intense recoil generated inside the main body is transmitted to the whole body. In addition, the automatic stop system that stops the firing operation when the magazine becomes empty is adopted. It is a model that pursues the reality of operation and operability.
  • Officially approved by Daniel Defence: The 10-inch/light rail made of metal with mount rails arranged on the four sides of the handguard is officially approved by Daniel Defence, which has a track record of official adoption by the US military. It is possible to mount various optional parts for rails with a width of 20 mm.
  • Crane type stock: Adopts a stock that can adjust the stock length in 6 stages. A SOPMOD battery designed exclusively for this is stored in the stock.
  • Two colours: Two colours, black with a professional atmosphere and a tan color model that exhibits a camouflage effect in the desert area.
  • Achieves outstanding rigidity: Metal materials are used for various parts such as the receiver, outer barrel, and buffer tube. While adopting a floating barrel where the rail hand guard does not interfere with the barrel, it has achieved rigidity that is safe for game use.
  • Optical equipment compatible model: This model is based on the assumption that various optical equipment such as scopes and dot sights will be installed without front/rear sight. *Please purchase optical equipment separately.
  • Compatible with various muzzle options: If you remove the muzzle compensator, you can install a muzzle option with 14mm CCW thread such as a silencer.
  • Steel press magazine: 82 round capacity

Shoot & recoil engine installed

Auto stop system installed

Variable hop-up system installed

Full auto (continuous)/semi-auto (single) switchable

full length [12 inches] 739 mm / 815 mm (stock extension) [16 inches] 845 mm / 920 mm (stock extension)
Gun height 315 mm
weight 3,130 g (including empty magazine and battery)
bullet 6mm BB (0.2 to 0.28g)
Power source 8.4V Ni-MH 1300mAh SOPMOD battery (*1)
Number of shots 82 shots
type Assault rifle

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