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Tokyo Marui Vorpal Bunny AM.45 Ver.LLENN GBB Pistol ( Black ) - Airsoft Anonymous
Tokyo Marui Vorpal Bunny AM.45 Ver.LLENN GBB Pistol ( Black ) - Airsoft Anonymous
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-[“Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online” Official Collaboration Model] The pink love gun “AM .45 version Ren” Vopal Bunny “” used by the main character Ren. The original black hand gun “AM .45” is a long-awaited model upgrade! Reproduced under the supervision of Professor Keiichi Sigsawa and Mr. Koji Akimoto.

-[Feeling two-tone black] Black with different gradation is used depending on the parts. The side of the slide is engraved with “AM .45”. [Luxury benefits] A short booklet written by Keiichi Sigsawa, the original story, is included. In addition, it is a special package that uses the illustration drawn by Mr. Kouhaku Kuroboshi on the sleeve.

-[D-type piston cup adopted] The base “Detonix .45 Combat Master” is equipped with a dedicated blowback engine, reproducing the body cut down to the limit and a unique style. From the palm-sized body, you can enjoy a new feel of recoil shock.

-[Pursuit of internal realism] The cone-shaped outer barrel created by Detonix and the dual recoil spring that uses two springs are adopted. [Metal notch spacer] The metal parts inside the slide take the burden when the slide is opened, and prevent the slide stop and notch from being scraped or damaged.

-Equipped with a variable hop-up system. Semi-auto (single shot) launch only. Overall length: 188mm, barrel height: 74mm, weight: 735g (when empty magazine is installed), bullet: 6mmBB (0.2? 0.25g), power source: dedicated gas, number of bullets: 18 + 1 shot (1 shot is the main body When loaded into). (C) Keiichi Sigsawa / Reki Kawahara 2021


The long-awaited lineup of the GGO original gun “AM .45”, the black hand gun that is the basis of “AM .45 ver.LLENN Vorpal Bunny”.
Reproduced as a gas blowback air gun under the supervision of the original author Keiichi Sigsawa and the mechanical designer Koji Akimoto.


While maintaining the basic performance of the gas blowback “Detonix .45 Combat Master”, many distinctive original parts such as hand guards, muzzle guards, ambisafety, rear sights, mag bumpers, and grip panels are used.
A discerning two-tone body reproduced in “black” with different colors.
A package with a sleeve drawn by Mr. Kouhaku Kuroboshi. As an enclosed privilege, a short booklet written by Keiichi Sigsawa is included.
Comes with a special mug bumper magazine with 18 bullets.