Olight X-WM03 Magnetic Weapon Mount

Sale price£22.00


This updated X-WM02 unique gun mount is built with hunters in mind and can be easy assembled and disassembled via strong magnets without any tools. Its super strong triple magnets and stable X-shape frame structure ensure a secure fit to both the weapon and the light attached. The Magnetic X Weapon Mount is the ideal mount for hunters who need to quickly prepare for nightfall in the field.



●Ideal for mounting light on guns

●Strong dual magnets and stable X-shape frame design

●Fits any .9"-1.00" (23-26mm) diameter torches



Material: Aluminium bod, with anti type III hard anodising colour, black

Dimension: 40.5mm*46mm*51.5mm

Application range : 9"-1.00" (23-26mm) diameter rounded torch.



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